Born from a passion to tell stories and evoke creative inspiration.


‘ELKE’, run by Elke Gill, is a design house inspiring creative confidence with strong and feminine pieces.  Elke’s passion for creating has lead her to designing and making jewellery for the elegant and mystical individuals. While she isn’t crafting her jewellery, you’ll find her building brands through visual and motion design over at Studio ED. 

Est. 2015

Elke first started creating jewellery in her first year out of high school, while looking for a unique gift for her friend. Unable to find anything that suited, she found herself illustrating a design and taking it to get laser cut.

Watching her illustration come to life and form the shape of a physical product was mesmerising and she quickly fell in love with the process. 

Elke now leads a small team that help her keep up to date with managing production.

All pieces are lasercut in Murwillumbah, NSW while the final crafting happens 20 minutes up the road in the humble seaside town, Kingscliff in Northern NSW.

Elke’s passions lie in creating conscious and sustainable products meaning you can sleep easy knowing all care has been taken during the creative process. 

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