Supporting our muses

So they can live freely in their Natural Habitat.

We're donating $1 from every online order to Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland is a community environmental organisation with a wonderfully diverse and dedicated team of members, volunteers, supporters and staff united by a deep passion for wildlife and conservation. They have a proud history in standing up for what they believe in and campaigning for the survival of species and ecosystems. They have been driven to help the environment for over 55 years

What they do

Wildlife needs your help. Wildlife Queensland is keen to ensure that through their actions, they can encourage everyone to gain an appreciation of wildlife and its habitat, leading to a greater understanding of the challenges and pressures it increasingly faces.

They focus on:

– Protecting wildlife
– Influencing choices
– Engaging communities

How they do it

WPSQ are a non-profit incorporated association with no political affiliations. They have over 5000 supporters linked through a simple structure consisting of an elected governing council, specialised staff and dedicated volunteers at the head office in Brisbane and branches throughout the state.

What distinguishes WPSQ from other conservation groups is their network of branches across Queensland, providing grassroots knowledge and action at the local level. Their strength lies in their ability to translate problems into practical solutions – community participation, however small or large, is the key.


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